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SMASH Virtual is an online platform that provides students with early exposure to Computer Science, emerging technology topics, college and career readiness resources, and STEM/STEAM career professionals.


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Since nearly 50% of students still lack opportunities to take CS courses in their schools, SMASH Virtual will provide virtual courses on topics including AI/ML, cybersecurity, and programming, to ensure all students have the opportunity to gain foundational knowledge and skills for future CS educational pathways

Career Catalyst

Career Catalyst is on a mission to inform, inspire, and activate youth from underrepresented backgrounds to explore the rapidly evolving STEAM sector while learning from exciting STEAM professionals.

College Catalyst

Launching fall 2024, College Catalyst by SMASH Admit is a free college readiness platform that gives young people access to masterclasses designed to help them helps them to prepare strong college applications while preparing for college life.

Computer Science Curriculum

Our CS programming builds CS skills and provides access to resources supporting college and career navigation to engaging role models and mentors.

College + Alumni Resources

Our college+career digital platform provides insights into college and career pathways in CS and STEM, to share information, experiences, and resources to help students navigate and succeed in their CS journey–from HS courses to college, and into careers.


Join over 3,000 users working to revolutionize access to computer science, STEAM education, and career paths for all through Career Catalyst and College Catalyst

89% of students said SMASH Virtual was very helpful in showing them that someone from their background has a lot to offer in STEM

Partnered with Elite Gaming Live to connect over 30 schools around the country with programming.

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Building a Diverse CS + STEM Workforce

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A Whole World of New Opportunities

This multimedia platform exposes students nationwide to programs to build CS skills, and career navigation, hearing from industry experts of color who share their lived experiences and academic and professional journeys.

Key Research Publications

View key research publications from the Kapor Foundation, a Kapor Center organization along with SMASH and Kapor Capital working collectively to build a more inclusive and equitable technology sector.

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