Career Catalyst Episodes

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Career Catalyst is on a mission is to inform, inspire and activate youth from underrepresented backgrounds to explore the rapidly-evolving STEAM sector while learning from exciting STEAM professionals.


Computer Science and Tech 

Computer science is the study of computers, algorithms, computational systems, design and more. In this age of information and artificial intelligence, it's an ever growing and important field. Learn from professionals working in the fast paced computer science. 


Entrepreneurship is the art of transforming visionary ideas into tangible realities that reshape industries and uplift communities. Delve into the minds of trailblazing entrepreneurs who have defied conventions, navigated uncertainties, and emerged as catalysts for change.

Medicine and Health

Medicine and health focus on understanding the intricate workings of multidisciplinary science to promote wellness and treat disease. Learn more about the professionals at the forefront of medical innovation, where each breakthrough paves the way for a healthier future.

Other STEM Careers

Other STEM fields encompasses a diverse range of disciplines that push the boundaries of traditional science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. From civil engineering to aviation science, these fields offer unique and unconventional career paths. Discover innovative pathways and new frontiers in STEM.