Fast & Furious w/ Car Entrepreneur and IT Pro, Fernando Quinonez

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    Fernando Quinonez
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Patrick Jones - Course author

Fernando Quinonez

Senior Project Manager

Stem Field: Archaeology

Fernando Quinonez is a Senior Project Manager at BIP.Monticello in New York City. He holds a B.A. in Business Administration with a concentration in Business Management from the City University of New York - Brooklyn College.

Fernando began his college career at the University of Rochester, pursuing a degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering. Given his fascination with how things work and love of mathematics, he knew from a young age that he wished to pursue a degree in engineering.

Fernando began his Project Manager career working as a junior IT programmer in a large insurance institution. He quickly realized he wanted to learn more aspects of the business, which led him to other roles such as Business Analyst, Financial Analyst, Systems Analyst and even Chief of Staff.

Being able to learn skills from each role allowed him the flexibility to transfer those skills to different industries, such as the financial and IT sectors. He encourages people to find what keeps them motivated and challenged so as to never stay stagnant. In Fernando’s case, his desire to always continue learning “how things work” is his motivation.

Fernando is an avid car enthusiast who enjoys talking about motorsports. In his spare time, he enjoys attending car shows, driving his car on the race track, training in the art of Muay Thai, traveling and spending time with family.

You can find him on instagram as and on YouTube as @OEMplusClubTV or his website,